In Memoriam

"Gone but not forgotten"

We mourn the loss of these SVH School of Nursing Alumni and friends and extend heartfelt condolences to their loved ones. This memorial section lists deceased alumni and friends of SVH School of Nursing for whom we've received death notices.

Class 1920 - 1929

Millie B. Hill '29

Class 1930 - 1939

Stella Staruck Mills '30

Florence B. Ferguson '32

Sister Anne Mary Regan, SC '32

Charlotte Doonan Kilgus, '34

Mary Corcoran Mulvaney, '35

Rosemary Queenan Cawley, '36 - July 13, 2012

Jolanthe Cordes '36

Ann Barrett Barmore, '36

Ellen Kesselmark Flaherty '36

Carolyn Smith McMahon, '37

Sister Catherine Shean, '37 - October 1, 2012

Mary Gillespie Smith '37

Joan Suomila, '37

Evelyn Fish Dull '39

Class 1940 - 1949

Emmy Dahlhaus Gebhardt '40

Eileen Sullivan Cooney '42

Catherine Maney Cooney '42

Agnes Brackett Mawe ' 43

Norma Perry Pyn, '43

Mary Dolan Murphy '44

Margaret Phillips, '44

Mary Murphy Collivet '45

Sr. Agnes Connolly '45

Jeanne Elizabeth Harwood Conway '45

Marie Fay coursen Fitzgerald '45

Ida Galvanoni '45

Patricia McDonnell Giegerich, '45

Ruth Lamont Bowes, '46

Virginia Dolan Clabby '46

Kathleen Kenel Flood '46

Mary Louise Polatar Gardner '46

Joan O'Connor Koster '46

Patricia Beatrice Silk Harcourt '47

Mary T Hart '47

Sr. Christopher Kutz '47

Catherine Tessitore Mulholland '47

Sally Heenan Reynolds '47

Kathleen Forrestal Carley '48

Margaret Toumey Keane '48

Mary E. Hinches Quirk '48

Margaret O'Donnell O'Neill 49

Margaret Regan Shannon '49

Class 1950 - 1959

Theresa D. Cerezola '50

Joan Sheridan Chase '50

Eileen McConnell Curl '50

Eleanor McAdams Harris '50

Kathleen Demarest Kelly '50

Yvonne Leclerc '50

Dolores Scupari Herbert '50

Patricia Parkman, '50

Patricia Curran Smith ' 50

Joan Hartnett Breslin '51

Patricia Healy Gibney '51

Dorothy Brower Cole '52

Joan Hennessey Courchaine, '52

Irene Connell Hormann '52

Mary Frances Moran King '52

Alice Millin Martini '52

Marie Quinn O'Grady '52

Joan McElroy Rendell, '52

Margaret Wightwick,'52

Joan Connolly Daria ' 53

Maureen Bradley Fletcher, '53

Genevieve Lamb Gaskell '53

Carolyn Daria Karns Trehy '53

Mildred Theresa McGriskin Washington '53

Ellen Cleary '54

Mary Gloisten '54

Esther Grubert Leahy, '54

Mary Kealy Lodge '54

Catherine Sullivan Knebel '55

Mary Dowd Leone '55

Gertrude Okonsky Murphy '55

Marian O'Sullivan, '55

Joan Corr Pasini '55

Virginia Boland Thompson, '55

Eileen Crowley Barry, '56

Bernice Paulson Henry '56

Mardie Sughrue Jim, '56

Elizabeth Kozmar Koepsel '56

Josephine Seuringer Mahoney, '56

Roberta Herzog Sedam '56/

Dorothy Murray Sellers ' 56

Margaret Wurm Weismair, '56

Martha Woesthoff Bennett ' 57

Agnes Deitz Dalessandro ' 57

Kathleen McManus Keogh, '57

Margaret "Peggy" McKee Murtha, '57

Kathryn MacQueen Mattheiss '57

Mary Jane McGowan Magi, '58

Louise M. Cavanagh Stephens '57

Patricia Wurm Dougherty '58

Carol Denk Olvany '58

Ruth Bronnekant Degnon Richters '58

Shirley Teboe Waters '58

Marilyn Buysee Wendoff '58

Mary Elizabeth Dwiney-Brogan '59

Doris Elise Buntin '59

Miriam J. Hickman Creighton, '59

Mary Anne McDermott '59

Barbara Carey Mergner '59

Maureen Logan Parrett '59

Maureen Magovern Moran ' 59

Class 1960 - 1969

Hannah M. McElligott Betts '60

Dorothy Comack Firnbach '60

Dolores Seagrave Heintz '60

Eleanor Perry Hynes '60

Rita Jordan, '60

Ann Marie King Mahoney, '60

Sr. Mary Martin Meehan '60

Virginia Malone Reilly '60

Eileen Solan, '60

Margaret Waters Albis '61

Judith Dempsey '61

Frances (Frankie) Goff Goodwin '61

Mary Ann Long Hostetler '61

Kathleen McNaughton McLoughlin '61

Mary Bauer Evans Barski '62

Patricia Eileen Bivona '62

Eleanor Farese De Rubeis '62

Anita Sullivan Dolan '62

Florence Moloney Fallon, '62

Margaret O'Shea Freeman '62

Noreen Greene Harnett, '62

Margaret M. Kiernon Wightwick '62

Marianne Murphy Zeng '62

Lucille Truskolaski Voss, '62

Mary Wynne Young '62

Maryanne McCormack Ferguson '63

Rosemary Rienzo Ingoglia '63

Diane Quinn Yuska ' 63

Rose Tumolillo Conmy '64

Gertrude Tobin Fanning, '64

Susan Hungerford Biondi '65

Eleanor Ledogar Lankau '65

Mary Ann Wolff Clark '66

Judith Finn Gibbon '66

Francis Bubolo Weed '66

Virginia Redding Kirkwood '67

Sheila Conboy Livelli '67

Margaret "Peggy" Mankiewich, '67

Patricia Sullivan Ford '68

Eileen O'Brien Kennedy '68

Grace Strazzire '68

Marie D. Cutaia '69

Class 1970 - 1979

Barbara Bachelle-Appel '70

Patricia Hoffmeister Toney '71

Nancy Daly ' 72

Janet Ann Seidlinger Cahill ' 73

Mary Parliment '74

Bronwym Gray Blue '75

Margaret Mary Gaydos Mermelstein '76

Donna McDermott Petra '76

Dorothy Mary (Murray) Sellers '76

Class 1980 - 1989

Donna Odom Finnerty '82

Melanie A. Carsten, '85 - November 4, 2012

Joan Marshall '89

Class 1990 - 1999

Michelle Waters DiGangi '90


Sister Anne Mary Regan SC

Sister Anne Mary Regan, SC, the oldest member of the Sisters of Charity and our oldest alumna, died on May 25, 2016 at the age of 104. A member of the Class of 1932, Sr. Anne Mary entered the Sisters of Charity in 1936 and served in many capacities at St. Vincent's Hospital over the years, including pediatric supervisor, assistant director of the School of Nursing, and associate director of nursing services. She also worked at St. Vincent's in Harrison as an assistant administrator, directot of purchasing and community relations.

Described as quiet and demure, she was a kind and compassionate nurse. Her warm smile and genuine concern were gifts to all fortunate to know her. She was also known as a great dancer and even did the Charleston on her 100th birthday!

Sister Agnes Connolly '45

Sister Agnes Connolly '45, formerly known as Sister Agnes Miriam, died on November 17, 2013 at the age of 95. She was the Associate Director of the School of Nursing and served at St. Vincent's Hospital and St. Joseph's Hospital in Yonkers, NY as a nurse, nursing supervisor, and administrator. Sister Agnes also held several leadership roles in the Sisters of Charity, including Council Member and President of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity. She served as the Director for Mission of the Alliance for Catholic Health Care of the Archdiocese of New York. She served on several boards including St. Vincent's Hospital and the Archdiocese of New York.

Rosemary Queenan Cawley, Class of 1936


Rosemary Cawley passed away on July 13, 2012. She worked in St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital until she entered the army in 1942. Ro worked at the 9th Army Evacuation Hospital, serving during World War II in the campaigns to liberate North Africa, Sicily, and the Italian Peninsula. She was honorably discharged in 1946, always proud of her service to her country

Ro met her husband Patrick while working at St. Vincent's and they had 7 children. She later worked as a school nurse and after the death of her husband, volunteered as an oncology nurse in Brick, New Jersey.

Sister Catherine Shean, MMS, Class of 1937


Sister Catherine Shean, MMS who served for more than 40 years in Africa as well as the Western United States, died October 1, 2012 at St. Joseph's Manor in Philadelphia. She was 97.

Sister Catherine was a nurse mid - wife in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Malawi. She also served in New Mexico, California and Arizona. Raised in the Bronx, she graduated from St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattanas a registered nurse in 1937. She entered the Medical Mission Sisters in 1943 and professed vows in 1945.

Melanie A. Carsten, Class of 1985


Melanie Anne Carsten, 56 of New York City, died Sunday, November 4, 2012 after a brief unexpected illness. After working in the corporate world for several years, Melanie decided to change careers. She enrolled and graduated with high honors from St. Vincent's Nursing School in 1985 and began a 25 year career in critical care nursing at New York - Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

Her compassion for her patients was ever present. Her love of dogs in general, and in particular her dog, MacGregor, prompted her involvement with the pet therapy program at her hospital. Melanie's gifts and talents extended beyond the walls of the hospital and will be missed by all.

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